John Bryan State Park Mountain Bike and Hiking Trails.

September 28, 2008

With a weekend that had family obligations in the evenings, we got in some riding and hiking in the mornings and early afternoon.

John Bryan State Park is a recent find for us.  They have a over 5 miles of hiking trails, and over 8.5 miles of mountain bike trails.

We decided we would try both on Sunday.  First we did a 3 mile hike on the north and south trails that parallel the Little Miami Scenic River.  This was a great warm-up and a nice scenic hike.  The southern trail is reached from a foot bridge and has lots of small babbling brooks that trickle down from the cliffs and run down to the river…. very picturesque!  On the way back, we traveled along the “Pittsburgh-Cincinnati Stagecoach Trail”, not quite as primitive, but a nice wide trail nonetheless.

After our hike we loaded up and headed up to the mountain bike trails.  There are 3 primary mountain bike trail sections called Power Line, Abracadabra, and Great Scot.  These are connected by a multi-purpose trail loop called Arboretum.

For our first visit here, we focused on the Arboretum loop to work out any kinks with our mountain bikes (which have been neglected with all of our road riding this summer).  After we were happy with the bikes, we focused on the easier Abracadabra trail.  What a blast that was!  It has a few cool narrow transits through trees just barely wide enough to fit the handle bars through.  There were also a few ramps, board walks, and long sweeping runs down hill!

Since this isn’t the kind of abuse that our bodies are accustomed to, we decided to not go full out with all the time we could have had on the trails… but we’ll be back for sure!!


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