Overclamping the Tires

September 27, 2008

After a few rides feeling like I was burning my quads from the “get go”, a bit of reading and thinking got me wondering if I was installing the wheels incorrectly.  Putting the Armadillo tires on recently was the first times I’ve changed tires on the road bikes (knock on wood).  I kept reading things that said when you clamp the tire on it should leave an impression in your hand.  Well… apparently I was taking that a bit too much to heart.    It came to light when I spun my wheel and Penny’s wheel up on the rack.  I could start my tire spinning after hers, and it would stop spinning long before hers stopped.  I loosened up the clamp a bit (still keeping it snug), and the wheels turn much more freely.

To test this out, we went for a 20 mile ride up to Strout Rd and back.  The bike coasted pretty freely, so when we got up to Morgan’s canoe livery and decided to try Mason-Morrow Rd as an alternative to get back to Morrow.  After a nice little hill climb, it was an awesome ride back down with speeds over 30mph… woohoo!!!!  Can’t get anything like that on the trail!!!

I think I’ve figured out the wheel issue and it’s a whole lot better!  I think I need to sit through a basic maintenance class so I don’t have to figure these things out the hard way!


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