Hiking and Biking

September 26, 2008

This week brought a mix of activities as I was heading in and out of town for classes.

On Tues I was able to find some hiking trails at John Bryan State Park between Yellow Springs and Clifton.  This was some nice change of pace after standing in front of a class for 8 hours.  I was surprised how well the park service had cleared the hiking trails after the storm 10 days earlier.  It was obvious by all of the sawdust and drag marks that the trail was very littered with debris.  Hopefully we can get back up there on Sunday and make a day of hiking and mountain bike trails!

Thursday we got out on the Little Miami Trail down to Loveland and back, and on Friday we got in some road work on some moderate hills.  However, even after the short ride I felt like I’d spent a 1/2 hour on a cardio machine with the resistance on 10… ugh!!! I checked… nothing was rubbing on the tired I’d installed… but I did a comparison and spun Penny’s tires, then mine.  Even though I started spinning my tires after Penny’s, they would stop spinning in less than half the time.  It finally dawned on me that I may have clamped the wheels too tightly.  I’m not sure if that’s the exact problem or not, but the wheels spin much longer now.  I was about ready to dismount the front armadillo tire, but I’ll hold off for another ride to see if loosening the clamp a bit worked.


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