Hurricane Ike blows up through Ohio

September 17, 2008

On our drive back from eastern Lake Erie on Sunday afternoon, we encountered extremely high winds on the drive from Cleveland all the way to Cincinnati.  The Weather Channel said that winds were gusting from 60-75mph, which made driving pretty challenging.  We got home to no electricity, and almost a million Cincinnati customers without power.

Being without power for a few days was kinda nice actually.  I wasn’t able to get much work done from home, but sure helps reprioritize activities and change routines.  It was nice to sit outside reading the paper or magazines, milking as much daylight from the day as possible, and going to bed shortly after dark.

Unfortunately, the storm had a dark side.  When power was restored, we learned that a friend of Penny’s had died during the storm when a large tree crashed into her house.  Hurricanes don’t only impact those on the coast, but can change lives several hundred miles away from the point of land fall.


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