Wreck Diving in Eastern Lake Erie with Osprey Charters

September 14, 2008

On the weekend of Sept 13/14, I chartered a dive boat for the second year in a row to get some friends together.  Osprey Charter has one of the finest dive boats on the Great Lakes and it’s waterways.  It’s always a pleasure to work with Capt Jim, Capt Jimmy, or Capt Mike, and they provide as much or little service that divers need for the diving.

On Saturday afternoon, diving was done during rain squalls and growing seas.  The wrecks dove were the Indiana and the Dean Richmond.  Both are wooden wrecks went down over a 100 years ago.

Sunday, the forecast had suggested that seas would grow increasingly angry, so many of the divers opted not to go out.  Fortunately, the morning turned out quite nice…. very sunny, and manageable waves!  There is now a bow line on the wreck of the John J Boland, so that was done first.

For the second dive, the Betty Hedger was originally on the ticket, but the vote was to go to the stern line on the Boland since the waves weren’t bad.  The surface interval was pleasant, and I even got me some sun.



  1. Well, at least your LEGS got some sun.

  2. Yeh… it was warm enough for short sleeves, but by that point I was trying to keep some of the sun OFF of me…. LOL!

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