Where were you on 9-11?

September 11, 2008

Where were you when you heard of the events going on, on 9-11?

I recall working on a major automotive customer’s IT problem.  Despite wanting to be home with family, we were working throughout the day and late into the night to solve a problem that was insignificant in the light of the days events.  Worse, their problem was preventable, but they’d ignored our advice to save money.  Instead, I was keeping an entire department focused on a task while inside agonizing that I was keeping them from their families.

That day was an epiphany for me.  What was I trying to achieve?  What was really important?  Was I going to go through the rest of my life with artificial priorities preventing me from being involved with or focusing on what was truly important?  Yeh… work is important… but not so much so that you can’t pull away to comfort the ones you love when a major crisis occurs.  As much as it is in my power, I will never again let the $$$$ of a job distract me in that fashion.

As we sit here on 9-11… a day of remembrance for us… we can see much that is unfinished about the business of getting those behind 9-11.  Moreso, we must remain diligent and on-guard that another 9-11 type event does not happen on U.S. soil.

My thoughts are with the families and friends of those that lost loved ones in the tragedy… to the brave citizens aboard the plane that crashed into a Pennsylvania field, and to those selfless public servants that rushed into two buildings and never came out… we remember your sacrifice and steel our backs and nerve against those that wait for our complacency to strike again.

May those that seek to harm us always find us watching and ready!



  1. Thanks for sharing, Bob. :o)

  2. No wonder I love you so much! xoxoxo

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