Jackson Blue

September 7, 2008

On Saturday, we headed back to Jackson Blue for more cave diving on and off the main line.  As we were gearing up, I severely ripped my drysuit neckseal.  It was beyond what could be repaired with duck tape, so I became everyone’s cave sherpa for the remainder of the weekend.

Penny continued to dive and enjoy her class, getting several more dives in on Saturday and Sunday Morning, partially thanks to having the extra gas fills that my tanks gave to her (since I was in Sherpa mode).  She also got the benefit of joining up with her instructor as she did dives with the Cavern/Intro students, as well as Ernest and Stacia.  It can be a great learning experience diving with other people that have their own habits and preconceptions.

Penny had done most of her cave diving with me up to this point, so we have our own ingrained habits and communication.  Expanding beyond that with other people opens you up to how other cave divers interact with each other and the cave environment.  This is especially nice since getting a cave diving certification can’t impart everything about cave diving, but rather is more like a “license to learn”.

Since I spent the weekend in sherpa-mode, I got to meet several other cave divers at JB, like Sludge from Cave Diving Forum, Tegg, and Matt (from Scubaboard).  I enjoy the social aspect of cave diving, and seeing what others get jazzed about.


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