Hole in the Wall and Twin Cave

September 5, 2008

On Friday, we got one of the pontoon boats from Edd at Cave Adventurers, loaded up and headed over to Hole in the Wall cave.  I always enjoy going into these caves that are less traveled than the big caves like Jackson Blue, Ginnie Springs (Devils System), or Peacock Springs.

In Hole, we took the “downstream” route on the left (both routes actually spring, not sink), so we enjoyed room after room of high bowl shaped ceilings.  One of the rooms has a lot of dark material still attached to it that reminds me of a cathedral.

After getting more gas for our cylinders at Cave Adventurers, in the afternoon we headed down to Twin Cave (just outside the fence near Jackson Blue).  Everyone was showing good technique, so explored one of the silty low side tunnels.  Back in the cavern, I played around with some of the gargantuan-sized crayfish.

Going into Twin and Hole are a nice change of pace, and worthwhile if you have a few people to split the price of the pontoon boat rental.


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