Morrow to Oregonia

August 29, 2008

Before we finished packing for our week of cave diving in Northern Florida, we decided to get in a 17 mile bike ride, especially since we would be sitting in the car for almost 12 hours on Sunday.

Driving over to Morrow, we parked at Veteran’s Park and headed toward Oregonia.  Almost everytime we’ve done this section of trail it’s rained, so we joked about the possibility.

One of the nice things about this section is the number of canoe liveries along the way, and the reduced number of road crossings that we experience in the southern stretches of the Little Miami Trail.  Passing underneath I-71 Jerimiah Morrow bridge is another highlight.

Once we reached Oregonia and turned around, we traveled along the parallel road to get more riding on the rolling hills.  Using the trails too much, we’ve gotten too used to the flat and slow inlines and declines.  Throwing in some road work changes things up nicely.

The rain held off, and the ride was uneventful…. no falls, no runs, no errors!  Now, we just had to get home and finish packing for a “crack of dawn” trek down to the Northwest Panhandle of Florida with a keen eye on where Hurricane Gustav was going to make landfall.


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