Drafting practice on the Kingsview to Loveland Loop

August 22, 2008

I picked up a bike mirror for my helmet today on the way home. It made a nice addition for telling if Penny is right behind me or not without having to turn my head and break pace/cadence.

Tonight we made nice pushes. Penny led most of the way down to Loveland at a comfortable pace, and I played in and out of the draft as my legs warmed up. On the way back, I pushed fairly hard for a long stretch. With the mirror, I could comfortably see her without worrying if she was “loosing the wheel” or for me to turn my head and break pace. My cardio was good, but my legs finally started feeling like lead with echos of the long solo ride a couple of evenings ago.

Penny jumped in the lead and gave me a nice recovery pace for a couple of minutes before she turned up the heat and started pushing hard herself. It was weird in a way. It was the first time where I’ve drafted behind after pulling a hard segment, and while it certainly wasn’t as hard, I was surprised at effort I had to continue to exert, even in “the rocking chair”.

We had to tail off at the end of the ride because a bug picked an inopportune time to lodge in the back of Penny’s throat, making it difficult to push while hacking… LOL

I’m looking forward to more rides like that!!


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