50K/32 Mile Ride from Kingsview to Oregonia

August 20, 2008

Tonight, Penny needed some quality time with her daughter, so I was able to get all my bike gear ready and hit the trail before she got home, gaining some valuable daylight.  I debated whether to take the extremely hilly route and tackle the “Hill of Death” or go for distance…. distance won…. so I quickly charted some options depending on how I might feel once on the ride.  I figured that Oregonia would be about the maximum that I could make happen riding by myself with just a couple of hours of daylight, so off I went.

Not more than a mile into the ride, something hit me in the stomach, and I felt a sting through my shirt… damn… pulling off, I gave the sting a couple of squirts of the benadryl spray from my pack, and continued on.  After a while, I didn’t even think about it again.

Stopping in Morrow at the 7 mile mark, I did some more stretching after my legs had warmed up, then continued on.  I’d forgotten that this section of the trail is a deceptive incline up toward Oregonia.  To the eye, it looks flat, but when you stop pedaling, it doesn’t take long to come to a stop.  Everytime I reached a road I recognized, I made a mental note of how I felt, then continued on.  So far, it wasn’t feeling too bad.  In fact, I wasn’t even aware of the seat.  Getting closer to Oregonia, I started encountering more families out for a ride on the trail, so it made passing a bit tenuous with kids darting to and fro on their bikes… brickin’ brackin’ sassafrassin’……

Reaching Oregonia, I downed an energy packet and energy bar, then did some more stretches.  I also made a quick call to Penny so that she would have a clue where I was on the trail.  Heading back toward home, it quickly became apparent that most of the trail was on a decline, so I pushed the pace as much as I could.  As always, the wind rushing past feels pretty great.  There are a couple of sections that are slight inclines, so I used those to give me legs a break from the high RPM’s, but when back on the declines, I stood on it as much as I could.

I got back to the vehicle just as the day was turning to dusk.  As I loaded my bike, the caucophony of sound from the insects reminded me what a great summer evening this was for a 50K/32 mile ride.


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