Loveland to Camp Dennison Loop

August 19, 2008

I was hungry when I got home from training in Springfield tonight, and running far enough ahead of schedule that I decided to fix some dinner for us before we rode.  That put us a bit back on time, but Penny wanted a short ride anyway and I agreed.

Instead of lining up to do the usual rides, we loaded up the bikes and ran over to Loveland to get a different starting point.  Often times we do a loop that turns around in Loveland, but we haven’t started a ride there since we got the road bikes.  This section is a bit rougher than I recall that it was, especially since the road bikes are “hyper sensitive” to all of the patches and roots making bumps in the trail.  It was a whole lot smoother on the mountain bikes… LOL.  …. I know… stop you’re whining!!

I find it a bit funny that when heading south out of Loveland down toward the Ohio River, it seems the trail should be mostly down hill, but quite a bit is uphill.  When my perception doesn’t match reality, I start imagining that my brakes are dragging, or bearings are going out… but on the way back from Camp Dennison, we enjoyed a much better pace and had to keep bumping the gears up higher to keep the pedal cadence under control.  I wasn’t looking for a 100+ RPM cadence tonight, so just gave in and kept shifting.

We made one short stop for some light stretching, but otherwise, since we got started well after 7pm, we didn’t have much daylight to burn to get back to the vehicle.  Two things we need to add to our list: Lights on the bikes for night riding, and clear or yellow glasses to keep the bugs out of our eyes when the sunglasses are too dark for riding.  I’m thinking I also need a mouth guard ’cause I keep inhaling and choking on bugs… {rolleyes}



  1. where do you turn off the trail to go to camp dennison?

  2. I’m not exactly sure which road takes you to Camp Dennison. We’ve not ventured off of the trail down there except to read one of the memorial plaques in the area. There are a multitude of road crossing to choose from on this section of path.

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