Higher mileage for an evening ride

August 18, 2008

With the sun setting quicker, we’re are starting to run short of daylight for our evening rides.  The problem is typically that Penny gets home later from her long drive home and we don’t get on the bike path until 7pm or after.  Tonight we decided to make a stronger faster ride of it and get a few more miles of it, pushing the “light barrier”.

I got a call on the way home from Springfield that the service work was done on our bikes, so I dropped down  and picked them up before going home.  (As a side note, I rode next to the #20 Tony Stewart NASCAR car hauler for several miles down I-75 on the way home. They were on their way back home from the Michigan race yesterday.)

We decided we wanted to head to Morrow, and go past it to the first road/canoe livery about 3 miles outside of town.  I was feeling tight, but not quite cramping on the way there, so we stopped in Morrow at the park for some additional stretching.  After that I felt pretty good.  We pushed on through to Strout Rd where we quickly ate an energy bar and packet (neither of us had anything since lunch.)

While I’ve had longer evening rides when I was working out of town, I also had more daylight to work with, so tonight was our longest evening bike ride.  This was nice especially since had a tough time seeing on the trail near the end because the tree canopy is pretty dense.  After the energy bars kicked in, we had a nice stretch were I pushed a moderately intense pace and Penny tucked in for a nice draft.  That was only fair since I’d ridden the first half of the trip mostly behind or beside her.  My legs seem to take longer to warm up than hers, so that works out well.

It was a very nice 20 mile ride!


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