Lunch in Loveland

August 17, 2008

After sleeping in from a late night with friends, we decided to bike down to Loveland for lunch. The trail was pretty busy with bikers, skaters, walkers, runners, and all manner of dogs on leashes. Despite that, we kept a pretty good pace weaving in and out of traffic. The small kids and dogs on leashes are always the most unpredictable to deal move around, so extra caution must be taken.

Our target was lunch at the Blue Chip Cookie Company in Loveland. They have a nice selection of wraps and fruit for lunch, so we enjoyed a nice bite before we headed back up the trail.

I think I’ve let myself get a bit dehydrated over the past few days because I just had no umph by the end of our ride. My goal now is to focus on getting more water for the next couple of days.

We also dropped our bikes off at the shop as part of the free service to have them looked over. We’ve had them just less than a month, but we’re seeing some of the cable stretch they warned us about, so it was good to have them looked over. They should be ready again Tuesday, maybe sooner, but we still have our mountain bikes if we want to ride.


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