Diving the Vickery and the Kingshorn

August 12, 2008

On Sunday, the Zendiving Gang again went over to the U.S. side of the river for a dive on the Vickery. This wreck has quite a bit of current on it for those not accustomed to current. We had to scramble hand over hand down a permanent rope that leads from the rocking slope down to the wreck. Once on the wreck, one of the best ways out of the current was going inside the wreck, or to drop down at the stern. Trying to go down the starboard or port sides of the wreck was pretty fruitless, except for those that brought their scooters on this dive. Several of the group had a Dive Xtra Scooter. I didn’t bring my scooter up with me, but Penny had, so I towed her down to the wreck, and then handed the scooter off to her. She played around quite a bit and I snooped around the deck, taking in some of the details.

Our second dive was on the Kingshorn. We had done this wreck once this week, and some of the Zendiving Group had done it on Friday, but it was still fun to do it again. Penny opted to descend down the line to the wreck and I scootered down along side her, then handed of the scooter to her again on the wreck so she could get some good scooter time. The rest of the scooter gang had handed their X-Scooters off to several of the other divers that have Gavin Scooters. Gavins aren’t ideal for boat diving because they are so heavy (but have other advantages), whereas the X-scooter is very maneuverable/twitchy which is good for moving in and around wrecks, and very light for handling on a dive boat.

After the dive, some of the Zendiving group had to head back home. Penny and I stayed one additional night and left for home on Monday morning.

It was a great vacation week in Canada’s 1000 Island region of the St. Lawrence River; diving, biking, and socializing with friends…. some old, and some new that we’d only talked with online.


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