Diving with the Zendiving Gang: Two more on the Keystorm

August 11, 2008

One of the reasons we went up to Canada was to dive a couple of days with some of the divers on the Zendiving Scuba forum.   I’m one of the admins on that forum, and one of the moderators setup most of the details for the trip that kept things moving along… and laughing a lot.

Our first dive of Saturday was on the Keystorm.  Since we were still staying on the Canadian side of the river, we had to boat over to Heart Island (Boldt Castle) first and clear through customs since it’s on the U.S. side of the St Lawrence River.

Once out on the wreck, we were advised that the annual Poker Run on the Canadian side of the river was taking place that morning.  It consists of boat going very fast, some of the over 150 miles an hour with their own helicopters flying overhead with rescue divers aboard.  Just as we tied up to the wreck, the racers came flying through.  They were supposed to be using the Deep Channel on the Canadian side (and we were on the U.S. side), but several of the racers split us down the middle, within 50ft of both sides of us.  Since there were a couple of boats tied up to the wreck for diving, a couple of the captains immediately got on the horn to the U.S. and Canadian authorities.  They came over and took statements, reviewed pictures and video, then stuck around while we did our diving.

Our second dive was supposed to be over closer to the Canadian channel, but the authorities strongly advised us not to, so we stayed on the Keystorm.  This made four dives on the Keystorm for the week for Penny and me, but everytime we did it, we dove it differently, so it worked out pretty cool!

Later that evening, while most of the gang were socializing and cooking up dinner, I slipped away for a quick 10 mile bike ride ’cause I was getting antsy… LOL


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