Diving the Keystorm in the St Lawrence River

August 6, 2008

We moved onto a bigger dive boat today that 1000 Island Pleasure Diving had, and most everyone was involved in a class that was aboard. There were three different groups, but everyone seemed to know someone else from another group, so it was some good camaraderie going on today.

Since we are staying on the Canadian side of the river, we had to boat over from Caigers to the U.S. Customs Office on Heart Island, where Boldt Castle is located, before heading to the Keystorm.

This cool wreck is laying on it’s starboard side with the bottom of the hull facing into the current. This makes for a great dive because everything to be seen is in the lee of the current.

Since the class was broken up into a couple of groups, our first dive was at our own pace and a fun dive. I’d been on the Keystorm a couple of times before, both swimming and scootering, so I showed her around the wreck a bit, including the cool bathtub back in the Captain’s quarters.

After a nice long surface interval, we did our dive with the instructor (Penny wanted an Advanced Nitrox tech class, so I took the class with her even though I hold a helium certification… gave us a great opportunity to “get on the same page”). We had to do some skills during the dive, which went pretty well, but when we went to our gas switch on decompression, my switch went good, but her oring on her gauge was leaking. What that meant was that her deco gas was not available to her, so we had to go to our contingency plan. Well… that would have gone great, except, I had the bright idea that if I got her bottle from her and gave her my bottle, that I could take my back-up reg off my backgas and put it on the deco bottle…. hmmmmm…. well it sounded good in my head!!!!! I created a bit of a cluster for both of us because I didn’t communicate the plan to her very well…. and let just say… we had a rather nicely heated debate under water. 😀 Everything ended fine, but evenso, it would probably not be in my best interest in the future to grow so comfortable on a dive that I allow my brain to come up with some interesting “alternatives”, when the contingency plan was completely sane in length. D’oh!!! Oh well… live and learn… and it was a great dive!!

After the dive, a few of us headed over to the Keystorm Pub in Brockville to enjoy a meal and some nice libations.

I’m going to sleep good tonight!! 🙂



  1. ROFL! Glad everything turned out ok!! :o)

  2. Sounds like a fun dive all in all. What a great time you guys will have!!

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