Biking in Ontario 1000 Island Region: Mallorytown Landing to Gananonque

August 5, 2008

We drove up to the 1000 Island Region on Sunday for a week of diving and biking. Taking our time with plenty of stops for stretching, it took us about 11 hours from Cincinnati up to Mallorytown Landing where we are staying at the Bridge Island Motel.

1000 Island Region of the St Lawrence River

1000 Island Region of the St Lawrence River

Monday, Penny and I hopped on the bike path that passes within a few meters of the parking lot where we are staying. The path parallels the 1000 Island Parkway, a beautiful scenic drive along the river. The path is quite lumpy and is ill-maintained for road bikes. About the best speed we could safely do on it was 15mph, but mostly we were lucky to get 10mph.

Near Rockport

Near Rockport

We headed east, initially to Rockport, but then continued on past to Gananonque (Gannon-ock-way), which I’m told means “Meeting Place”. The trail merges with the road, as it passes over the road going south over the bridge for U.S. and Canadian Customs, but we got back on the trail on the other side. Once we reached Gananoque and turned around, we chose to stay on the road instead of the trail. This gave us better access to the various parks and stops located on the river side of the road (the bike path runs on the opposite side of the road as the river.) Traffic got a little heavy at times since this was the end of a Canadian Holiday weekend, and there isn’t a usable shoulder on most sections of the road, but evenso, the road was much faster than the trail. Our speed varied from 15mph to 25mph +.

Poole's Resort and the St Lawrence River not far from Mallorytown Landing

Poole's Resort and the St Lawrence River not far from Mallorytown Landing

Small park near Gananoque

Ya know… driving along this section of parkway, the road seemed so flat as it parallels the river. Well… lemme tell ya… it was much hillier than we expected! A section of geography known as the Canadian Shield is incredibly apparent all along the route. This reddish and sometimes greenish rock juts up out of the ground, sometimes just to peek above the grass, and other times to form cool looking cliffs. The juxtaposition of jagged rocks and marshland along the river makes for a very scenic ride!

Along the bike path and 1000 Island Parkway

Along the bike path and 1000 Island Parkway

We had a couple of bike issues, but nothing too terrible. Gear adjustments and some squeeking… wouldn’t you know it… I didn’t bring chain cleaner and lube…. need to find a local bike shop after the diving tomorrow.


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  1. w00t! :o)Mallorytown Landing is a nice place to be! I still can’t believe you guys biked that far! 😛

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