1000 Island Region: Diving the Kingshorn and biking a few kilometers

August 5, 2008

Today we did some diving on the Kingshorn, a wreck just off the town of Rockport, Ontario. It was about a 10 minute boat ride from Caiger’s Resort, and I understand that it can be done as a shore dive with scooters from Rockport.


The Kingshorn is an upright wooden wreck with the bow facing into the current. The deck contains the winch, a rusted ball of chain, and an anchor. The deck on the back part of the vessel is less intact, and allows plenty of penetration opportunities into the cargo hold. Not a bad little wreck, and remarkably intact for a vessel this close to shore in less than 100′ of water. The water was a comfortable 73F, so I did the dive with no gloves and an old worn out hood.

After we took care of our gas fills at Dive Tech aka “The Candy Store” for tomorrows diving on the Keystorm, we drove into Brockville and enjoyed a nice Turkey & Apple Sandwich at Bud’s on the Bay up on their porch. It was a great overlook of the river, and a nice breeze was blowing through. They even had a beer I haven’t had in a while… Creemore Springs Lager … a nice amber with just a bit of a hops taste. I toured the brewery a few years ago, and hadn’t had any since. It’s not pasteurized, so it only keeps refrigerated for a couple of weeks, but it sure is tastey!

Later, after we got back to the room and settled a bit, we went for a short bike ride east toward Brockville from Mallorytown Landing, admiring various homes along the way, stopping in a Brown’s Bay Park for a while before turning around. It was a short 12K ride, but we wanted some ice cream too! 😀


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