Betty Station to Xenia Station on the Little Miami Scenic Trail

July 30, 2008

Well… none of this paved path is along the Little Miami River as far as I know, but it is the Northern extension of the Little Miami trail.

Tonight I was pretty committed to riding the 15 or so miles down to the Xenia Station and back, so I got going as soon as I could after class. Downing an energy packet at the beginning of the ride, I was determined to ride off some of the Chinese Buffet that we had for lunch. Now I know why I don’t do chinese buffet’s very often. Ugh…

I stopped in Yellow Springs again at the Main Squeeze and got me a Strawberry, Banana, Apple Juice, Protein Whey smoothie… that thing was extremely good!!

Most of the route is considerably down hill from Yellow Springs to Oldtown, just before Xenia, then it grades up a bit into Xenia to the Station (nice staging area and the hub for several bike paths in this part of the state). After an energy bar at the half way point, I headed on back north to Betty Station.

When I got back into Yellow Springs, there were 3 guys on the coolest looking recumbent bikes that I’ve seen to date. As I commented on their bikes, I quickly realized that I hadn’t unclipped both pedals when I stopped, incurring my first “clipless pedal” incident. Of course it had to be in front of several people. I guess that’s the way of things. {shrug} I kinda relaxed on the fall, subconsciously realizing there was nothing I was going to be able to do, and landed with a thud on my hip and the entire length of my forearm….. no substantial scraping, just kinda a blunt impact…. and nothing a hot shower and Aleve isn’t dealing with nicely!!

It was a good ride, over 50K (31miles), and I am pretty well spent and ready for bed. To date, that’s my longest evening ride. I did get several pictures, but as luck would have it, I didn’t bring the USB download cable for the camera…. bummer dude!

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com


One comment

  1. Sorry ’bout the fall!!!
    And well, if I were a bit less militant about that USB cable you might actually have it with you. 😀

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