Riding to Yellow Springs for my Main Squeeze

July 29, 2008

It has been our goal since we started biking the beginning of June to ride from the trail near our home up to Yellow Springs. Tonight, I finally got to Yellow Springs, however, I cheated… a bit anyway! LOL

I’m doing a week of training in Springfield this week, so instead of driving back and forth every day, I decided to spend a night or two and ride the bike path at this end in the evening.

I had a bit of a set back and late start to begin with because I had a flat tire… just from sitting on the back of the vehicle in the sun, no less! Grrr!! After getting that squared around, drove from the hotel to the staging area in Betty, just a couple of miles away from the hotel, but away from the in town traffic.

The goal tonight had been to make it to Yellow Springs before 7pm so that I could stop in at this awesome smoothie establishment called Main Squeeze. They have more smoothies on their menu than most restaurants have menu items. They also seem to be a great resource for microbrewing and wine-making. I “squeezed” in to Yellow Springs about a quarter to 7pm and enjoyed a nice smoothie before checking out some of the trail a bit south of town.

I was surprised how consistently downhill the trail is from Springfield to Yellow Springs, but it’s decidedly so from Yellow Springs toward Xenia. Not wanting to pedal uphill tonight from Xenia all the way back to Springfield, I turned around early and headed back. Passing the vehicle at Betty staging area, I went up to Interstate 70 before I turned around and headed back to load up.

While a bit humid tonight, the shade on the trail made from some nice riding, and I got a nice 20 mile trek. Tomorrow, if I can get an early enough start, I’d like to bike from the Betty staging area all the way down to the Xenia Station (our northern most point we’ve reached on the trail when riding from down south near our house). I think that would give me a 30 mile ride. We’ll see what tomorrow brings and if I can accomplish it or not.

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  1. Maybe I should ride north to meet you……lol. Ok, maybe not, you know I’d be late!

  2. Start pedaling! I’ll meet you at the Xenia Station. However, something makes me think that we’d probably meet somewhere closer to Corwin…. LOL!

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