First Road Work with the New Bike

July 27, 2008

Not satisfied with a great weekend of diving, I decided I wanted to get a bike ride in Sunday evening. Penny was all settled in for the evening and ready to rest after handling most of our dive gear when we got home.

Instead of loading up the bike for the bike trails, I decided to just jump on the bike from home and head out on some of the recommended riding roads (as per the regional Ohio Kentucky Indiana council).

Once out on the road, I was surprised how hilly the route was. Some of them were a bit intimidating, but it was a great test of the new road bike and the clipless pedals. It was great to discover just how quickly the long hills could be overcome by dropping to the lower handles and focusing on the upstroke of the pedals. In fact, I was going up one particular hill where I was already close to my aerobic limit when a couple of cars graciously waited to turn in front of me. As a way of thanking them, I stood up on the pedals and started cranking to get past their turn point faster. Keeping that cadence it was great to see how fast I got to the top of the hill with the extra motivation.

There is one particular twisting hill on the route that is pretty steep going down. I didn’t pedal down it particularly aggressively, but still hit over 30 mph, my personal best do date.

I’d qualify this as a moderate hill route for where I am currently, but if I could make this a regular part of my routine, I could see this as an “easy” hill route. Even so, there were a couple of times in the last few couple of miles that I almost felt like throwing up. It was weird because I normally don’t push myself that hard. Now that I’ve been home for an hour, I’m feeling pretty damn good and glad that I went out!

I’m looking forward to more road work as a change of pace to the paved trails we do most of the time.

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One comment

  1. Nice job, Baby!! And it was ALL the dive gear…..*kiss*. Cuz I love U!

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