Ice Cream Run to Morrow on the New Bikes

July 23, 2008

I got over 20 miles on my new bike yesterday, and Penny got about 9, so tonight we still wanted to take it easy.  We are both feeling the differences from our mountain bikes.  The aches are in the feet, legs, hands, and seat.  Penny’s also seeing a bit of neck tension from the lower position, but that’s partly from the past couple of days at work too.

Figuring that we would be averaging a higher speed and covering distance faster, we thought we could make it a short evening by going to a familiar place… Ice Cream at Miranda’s in Morrow!!!! woo hoo!!

Most of the riding was nice and easy.  I was not wearing padded shorts or a padded seat for the first time.  While a bit uncomfortable, it wasn’t unbearable.  The seat on this bike doesn’t make me go numb or impotent… LOL.

I went to the local bike shop today so they could make some tweaks on Penny’s bike and also swap out to a girl’s style seat that she wanted.  She ended up loving the new seat.  It has a larger style cut-out than a man’s seat, so she had no squishing or smashing of her “girl’s bits”.  I think happy camper is the right word.

It’s amazing how much power, and even foot relief that can be achieved by focusing some on the up stroke of the pedals since the shoes are attached to the pedals.  When my feet start to ache a bit from getting use to the new shoes, just pulling up on the back stroke is just what the doctor ordered.

Most of my clipping and unclipping went pretty smoothly tonight.  There was one stop were I forgot to unclip a foot and started tilting over.  I looked over at the grass at the side of the trail and resigned myself to the impact, but at the same time kinda reactively twisted my foot free…. disaster narrowly averted!!  The other times I started leaning the wrong way, a quick twist of the front wheel sent me to the other side where I was ready to put a foot on the ground. (It’s easier to leave one pedal clipped in at the stop signs to reduce the task-loading at startup).

Penny saw a deer down at the river’s edge, but I missed it.  Howver, we saw a wild turkey walk across the trail.  It was the first time Penny had seen one.  The last time I’d seen one was when dad had brought one home as a kid during hunting season.

We played around a bit with the draft tonight.  Penny wanted to get a feel for the bike’s speed capability without cranking too hard or for too long, so she pushed a bit up to 20 mph, and it was piece of cake to draft along tightly behind her.   I reciprocated and gave her the same opportunity to draft behind me.  It works out nicely, especially above 15 mph.  We had to be pedaling pretty hard on the mountain bikes to get around 15 mph and feel any benefit from drafting.

Here’s our stop at Miranda’s Ice Cream.


One comment

  1. My bits LOVE the new seat. There’s a nice cut out right under them. Really gives them some breathing space and fresh air.

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