Hiking around “Lake La Su an” in NW Ohio near the Michigan Indiana Border

July 17, 2008

After several days of riding bike, my quads are toasted, so tired of sitting around the hotel, I decided to go for a drive over to a Lake I heard about in class. I took my camelbak with me in case I found someplace nice for a walk.

Lake La Su an is relatively easy to find. Just go straight west a few miles on County Rd R out of Pioneer, OH and it will be on the north side of the road.

When I first got there, it didn’t look too promising, but I threw on my back anyway and headed east on a gravel road on the south side of the lake past the Ranger “Fish Check” Station. It was an easy enough walk to begin with as I got warmed up. There were a couple of people fishing on one of the side ponds and we exchanged greetings.

Once past them, I headed up a slight hill with woods bordering the lake on the left, and a meadow with high grass/brush in it on the right. I was fairly focused on my walking pace, but something made me look right. About 100 yards away was a doe and a fawn. The fawn was kind of galloping around, but the doe was locked in on me as I walked along the road. Suddenly, less than 50 yards away, another larger deer jumped up out of the grass with its white tail waving, and ran toward the other two. In a couple of seconds, all three had disappeared in the far tree line.

Right after that, I figured I better start digging for my Deep Woods Off wipes. Much to my chagrin, I couldn’t find them in my pack. I don’t remember taking them out, but couldn’t find them in any of the pockets…. crap!!!

The road became pretty much a dirt and grass trail through the woods after that, and of course, the mosquitoes came out to greet me… arrrgh! This inspired me to pick up the pace considerable. In fact, I ended up jogging a few times because they were so thick on me that I was covered and bitten constantly.

The trail seemed to wind around the lake forever… but I probably just wanted to get away from the biting.  In fact when I was most of the way around, I saw another deer, but lacked the enthusiasm to enjoy it.  After almost 3 miles around the lake, I once again reached my vehicle. With the mosquitoes in hot pursuit, I had the vehicle unlocked, camelbak off, lept into the Jeep. Several of them came in with me, but as I was driving down the road, I seemed to either kill most of them, or by alternating windows up and down, got most of them to leave.

I was drenched with sweat, and the bites were starting to itch immensely, so I decided I’d go and find some Benadryl. On my way there, I looked through my camelbak again for the Deep Woods wipes… still nothing… dang… I just didn’t remember removing them. After getting some cream and Benadryl at the store, I looked one last time in the pack… some how the wipes had gotten wrapped up in my spare shirt in the pack. Ugh!!! With salvation only inches away yet seemingly unattainable, I’d become a feast for 100’s of mosquitoes and pushed my pace aerobically. So much for a casual walk! At least I worked up a drenching lather and used muscles differently than if I was riding the bike!

Maybe the title of this blog should have been “Nearly 3 miles of hiking Hell”! 🙂

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  1. Nature has a way of helping us “get it in gear”

  2. Oh… it surely did!!

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