Wabash Cannonball Trail: West Unity to Rt 66 Ohio Turnpike Entrance

July 15, 2008

I rode more of the unimproved Wabash Cannonball Trail (north fork) tonight. Heading over to West Unity from the hotel in Holiday City, I started from the park just off of Main Street. This section of trail is general packed better than the section west of West Unity. Still, there were some surprises along the way. Holes made by woodchucks (aka groundhogs) were lurking around… even saw one of the critters standing up looking at me until I got close and it ran off. There is also an area that has several bowl shaped depressions with standing water. It was fun to build up speed as I approached them and loop around the outer edge of the bowl to stay out of the water.

Some of the highlights of the trip were the 3 bridges that I crossed. The first is in West Unity shortly after leaving the park. There is a second one over a creek, and then the last one is a solid steel one that has a placard with “Tiffin River” on it. I stopped and took pics with my phone, but the mosquitoes were horrible on the 2nd two bridges. The areas around them are like stagnant bogs/marshes and my arms and legs were literally covered with those hungry menaces, so I couldn’t stay long. Racing through on the bike, I was pretty immune to the pests until I stopped for pics. Yikes!!!  Unfortunately, I don’t have the right cell tower access out here to send the pics from my phone to my email… so no pics for the blog… bummer!

It was a great 11 mile ride… more challenging than pavement, and better than the uber loose cinder on the trail west of here. I was able to keep up a nice challenging pace for quite a while.

Since I didn’t bring chain oil or my chain cleaner with me, I’m wondering what all of the cinder dust coating my bike is going to do…. it seems to have an abrasive nature. Perhaps the next couple of nights, I’ll stick to the back country roads that are easy to get to from the hotel and enjoy some new vistas.

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  1. […] was a bit over a mile from the fartherest point east I’d taken the trail when I road it from West Unity to the Turnpike entrance earlier in the […]

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