Our Personal Metric Century (100K/62mile)

July 13, 2008

Inspired by a friend that did a 50K primitive trail run on Saturday, we decided we would do a personal best for a bike ride. The target was to be something in the 45 mile range, but I mentioned to Penny that if we felt strong enough, we could pop up to the next town on the trail and see if we could flirt with the Metric Century mark.

Well… despite some discomfort in feet, seat, hands, and scrapes, we found the ambition to knock out a Metric Century (100K… 62miles) using our mountain bikes with nobby tires.

There were points during the ride that didn’t feel the greatest, but I think we both finished pretty strong! It took us a bit over 7 hours of seat time to accomplish this, and I feel very lucky that Penny gets jacked about doing this sort of thing too… whatta high…

After a ride like this, getting a good quality road bike is a serious consideration… rather than continue to use our retail store “bike in a box” models. Although we’re riding identical models, I’ve already seen wear and tear on the one I’m using after just six weeks of riding, including replacing a rear wheel when the bearings started grinding.

After a trip to the bike store on Saturday, we have a pretty good idea what we want now…. we test rode some that were pretty awesome! We’ve got our eye on a couple of the Cannondales now. The qualitative difference between our bike and the one we tested is night and day. It’s like the difference between breathing a low end scuba regulator underwater and one of the nice high performance regs. At first I was looking at the prices thinking… “you want HOW MUCH for that bike?”… but then to put it in perspective, for the price of a good canister dive light (approx $1500), I could get a bike that I’d use a whole lot more often than the light. …and the bikes we’re considering are a helluva lot cheaper than our underwater scooters (approx $3600) that spend most of their time in the corner of the garage… BTW… anyone interested in buying an underwater scooter?

It’s so easy to get to good bike trails around here in SW Ohio, that there’s really no excuse to not do it right. I’m sure this analogy could be carried over to skiing, sky diving, and numerous other things… you get what you pay for. The bikes we have now were a good introduction for us to see if we’d like riding again… and boy have we!

BTW… Pue bought bike shoes on Saturday that she liked because her feet develop hot spots and fall asleep easily. I installed the clipless pedals on her bike before the 100K ride and she loved them… well… except for her boo boos from that one low speed fall from trying to clip in… she did pretty awesome all day with them though. She’s feeling pretty sore on Monday though… her fall happened to be on pavement… ouch!!

A few pics from our Metric Century Ride


One comment

  1. You’re gonna need to download and post my boo boo pics!! I’m looking for sympathy here. 😀

    Most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought and they don’t even look good with a skirt!!! But I have to say, despite the tendency to hit the pavement, they are worth every penny!

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