Mission: Ice Cream; Destination: Morrow

July 9, 2008

Tonight we decided we wanted ice cream.  The only catch… it was a 14 mile roundtrip.  Here’s a pictorial journey of the road crossings and milestones between the Kingsview Industrial Park and Miranda’s Ice Cream in Morrow, OH.

From the Kingsview Industrial park on the Lebanon YMCA Trail, we head to the Little Miami Trail.  The first road that we cross is Mason Morrow Rd. It can be a fairly busy road crossing at times.

Next, we cross over the Little Miami River.

After the bridge, the Lebanon YMCA trail ends around the bend

We approach the stop and head left to Morrow

After we pass under SR 48, we quickly reach South Lebanon

Here we cross Stubb Mills Rd

This road we cross is a bit more obscure.  It’s unmarked, but is Morro-Cozaddale Rd, an access to quarry operations and such by the river.

Entering Morrow, the first thing we pass on the left is a canoe livery

…and on the right is the park

Passing the park, we approach the old railroad station

Knowing our destination was close at hand, we pressed on!

Bingo!!!  Here’s what we came for!!

It’s easy to justify a journey for ice cream when the 14 mile round-trip lies through such scenic and historic areas!

Here’s the complete chronological picture journey


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