Loveland to Newtown: Little Miami Scenic Trail

July 5, 2008

On Saturday, we were still feeling a bit sore from last evening’s 30 mile ride (Corwin to Xenia), so we decided we’d try a new segment at an easy pace.  We chose the Loveland to Newtown (Little Miami Golf Course) section.  Based on an outdated map that I had, it looked like almost a 20 mile ride.  However, with the new additions on the south end of the Little Miami Scenic Trail, the trailhead is now located in Newtown at the Little Miami Golf Course.  This made our total ride length at 27 miles.

This section of trail has many stop signs from road crossings, most of them down in the Camp Dennison area.  It’s also interesting which communities embrace bike traffic and which ones keep the hedges along the trail high and pretend the trail doesn’t exist.

Milford, the former trail head, fully embraces cyclists

We enjoyed a nice conversation with a lady that drafted along with us for a couple of miles.  Apparently she was riding the segment from Milford to Loveland, but her husband and daughter were tired from riding one way, and she was going back to fetch the car and go pick them up.  I thought WHAT?!?  She said it was all good… it allowed her to ride a faster pace than when she rode with her family.  Besides, she regularly rode from Milford to Morrow and back (46miles).  We talked for a while, before heading further south.  Hopefully we’ll meet her on the trail again sometime.

The new section of the trail at Avoca Park has restrooms and a open covered shelter with picnic tables.  It was  great place to stretch, eat a couple of energy bars, drink some water, before we continued south.  Not far past Avoca Park, the trail takes a sharp left turn under a viaduct and crosses the Little Miami River.  This was a pretty scenic look a the river.  We continued beyond past Bass Island (we weren’t sure what the Island part was about). and turned into the parking lot at the golf course.  We must say, it was a bit anticlimatic ending there, after riding through scenic areas on the rest of the trail.  We didn’t stay long, and soon headed back north to our vehicle in Loveland.

So far, we had the opportunity to bike from the south end of the Little Miami Trail at Newtown all the way north to Xenia.  It’s been pretty cool to see the scenic byways, listening to people enjoying the river, looking at the rural towns that once populated and relied upon the old railroad, and learn some of the history from this area of Ohio.  For the most part, it seems like recreational cyclist, like recreational divers, are a friendly bunch ready to offer a smile, hello, or ask if you need anything when stopped.

More Pics from the ride

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com


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