Kingsview Industrial Park to Morrow Veterans Park

June 28, 2008

Tonight we ran out between storms, after being washed out last night. We were trying different clothing and seat adjustments tonight to try and maximize some of the things we’ve read recently online (e.g. BikeForums, Local Cyclist). I normally keep my seat lower to minimize pressure from the front of the seat, but opted to keep the seat higher to get a better stroke going.

Yes, the power and cadence was better. But I gotta say, I’ve already got a sore spot and the seat hurt like hell tonight despite the padded shorts. I wasn’t happy, but not much I could do about it except ride.

Penny had a slight squeak/rub from her brake pad, but she rode it out until the half way point where we made some adjustments. I also noticed that lube I got the other day wasn’t applied very consistently. Not to mention, when I went into the cycling section of Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart, they didn’t have crap for lube, so I went to the auto section looking for something thicker than WD-40. I tried the white lithium spray grease, but wasn’t pleased with the thickness, or how unevenly it applied. I may need to clean all of it off, and get a more applicable lube. Gonna have to go find a bike shop I guess. Shame I can’t find something at a local store (if someone has a recommendation, I’m all ears!).

After stopping for a small ice cream to support a cyclist-friendly establishment in Morrow, we pushed harder on the return leg. I was to the point where I could feel some discomfort just above my knee, so I kept downshifting anytime the cadence slowed enough. It seems that when I have a higher RPM, this isn’t an issue.

We found ourselves discussing how effective/useful the clipless pedals might be. Penny’s feet fall asleep after a long spell without a break, so the push-pull of the clipless might help out a bit.

On the way back, I started out in the lead, and Penny got in line behind. About halfway back, Penny jumped to the front and kept a strong pace, pushing pretty good until we got to the Lebanon Trailhead and turned off. We took it a bit easier for the last mile to the vehicle to cool down a bit.

The skies were darkening as we loaded the vehicle up, so I’m glad we were able to sneak in a 15 mile ride on the Little Miami Trail tonight.

Temp: 85F
Distance: 15 miles
Time: 85 minutes

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