Tackling the Hill of Death

June 26, 2008

I’m made it my mission to try to get to the top of a local hill in one continuous climb. So after getting some more practice this week at climbing up on the pedals and using taller gears to go up hills, I decided to tackle my personal “hill of death”.

Base of the Hill

Half way up

Final Stop to the top

To date, it’s taken me three rest stops to get to the summit, but tonight I was determined to “own” this hill. I’ve only gone up this hill 3 times now, but it’s becoming an obsession and an obstacle. Until I can cleanly make it up this puppy, I don’t feel I can go past MM3.5 where there is a sharp descent, requiring another climb to return back to the vehicle.

Confident I had something for the hill, I loaded up and headed over to my usual parking spot in the company parking lot in the Kingsview Industrial Park. I also brought the camera along so that I could document the hill better.

I headed up the hill in 2-5, then 2-4, standing on the pedals, strong at first, but then feeling the burn set in pretty quickly. About 1/2 up the hill, I stopped. Using the time to catch my breath and rest the quads, I snapped a set of pics up and down the hill. Climbing back on the pedals, went down to 2-2, then 2-1 to make as much distance as I could, eventually had to sit down on the seat, then stop about 3/4’s the way up. After snapping more shots with the summit in sight, I was determined to make it the rest of the way up. I tried standing on the pedals, but my legs were much, and I had to tough it out on the seat, but made it the rest of the way up.

I took more pics at the summit before heading down the flat part of the trail, but didn’t feel all that great. It could be any combination of things, but I hadn’t drank much water today, may have attempted this too soon after eating a small meal, or still fatigued from last night’s ride. Not sure what, but it seemed the more water I drank from my camelback, the worse I felt, so I turned the ride sooner than normal on this stretch of trail.

My legs were still mush even heading back to the descent, so the climb may have wrung more from me than I realized. It felt good getting back to the vehicle!

Once again, the hill has kicked my ass …. ugh!

Here’s the trail/training log.
Hill of Death Climbing Training

Picture documentary of the ride.
Hill of Death Pictures



  1. I think it was the tap water.

    Or the lack of appropriate company. 🙂

  2. Tap water makes me strong… it’s your filtered water that wussifies me… LOL!

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