Bike Ride from Kingsview Industrial Park to Loveland

June 25, 2008

Tonight we wanted to go for a ride. What I didn’t tell Penny was how far or where. After a quick dinner of steamed broccoli, carrots, and shredded chicken, we loaded up the bikes.

We decided to head over to the Kingsview Industrial Park. Only 3 miles from the condo, we like to park in one of the parking lots of a “out of business” company. Their lot sits right next to mile marker 1 of the Lebanon-YMCA trail, and is convenient parking and access for a bike connector to the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

Once onto the Little Miami trail, we headed toward Loveland, riding past the Kings Mill Powder Plant and the Foster’s crossing. We were cranking pretty good with me in the lead, and Penny drafting behind. Normally I don’t pull tall gears, especially at the beginning of a ride, since I like both high RPM’s and to conserve energy until I make the turnaround.

Just before we got to Loveland, we slowed our pace a bit to relax, and before we knew it we were entering town. Resting a bit and using the facilities at the park there, we then got back on the bikes and took a more relaxing pace back to the vehicle. Penny decided to go in front to keep me at bay. For some reason I was feeling a bit spunky tonight!! LOL

We say one deer that ducked off the trail, but stayed just inside the tree line so that we could get a good look. It’s the things like this that make it pretty cool to be riding on the trail. Other than that we saw one squirrel and a whole lot of nuts! LOL

The Training/Activity Log and route can be found in the link on the right.

Air Temp: 77F

Distance: 17.3 miles

Bottom Time: 80 minutes

Kingsview Industrial Park to Loveland Park


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