Riding in the Rain: a 30 mile roundtrip from Morrow to Corwin!

June 21, 2008

Uncropped pics:

Today was quite the adventure! We decided to drive about 10 miles up to Morrow and from there bike 11 miles to the Caesar Creek Preserve on the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

I’d done a bit of bike maintenance today, mostly with gear shifter alignment and tweaking on both of the bikes. The changes worked out pretty smoothly!

We unloaded our bikes from a park in Morrow, and got our equipment on around 5pm. Looking up at the sky, there were some dark clouds looming, and I realized I hadn’t bothered to check out the evening forecast… That’s a story that will continue to evolve.

As we got underway, Princess was looking royally!

…but she soon let me know what she thought of me snapping pics of her!

About 4 miles down the trail, we come to the Jeremiah Morrow bridge span that carries Interstate 71 across the Little Miami River. This is the highest bridge span in Ohio.

Here you can also catch a glimpse of the Little Miami River that we enjoy riding next to. Today was especially nice because there were many kayaks and canoes with plenty of laughter floating down the river.

Pretty soon, the dark clouds that we “hoped” would blow over started rumbling and lightning was flashing around. One by one, the drops started descending upon us. I asked Pue if she was dressed warmly enough. “I’m okay!” she repeated each time I asked. She might be a Princess, but she’s a real trooper when it comes to adventure. She kept urging on, wondering what might be around the next turn.

We had to pull our sun glasses off at some point because they were so wet and smeared that it was fruitless to see through them. Especially important was “branch watch” as we dodged limbs on the trail, and watched the winds blow other branches to the ground. I couldn’t believe we were still heading outbound at this point, but it was like a sickness urging us on. We just ain’t right!!!

Before we knew it, we had reached Corwin and I thought… oops!!! Somewhere in the downpour I’d missed our turnaround point at Caesar’s Preserve and we ended up 3 miles past it. Penny was like… that’s okay… wanna keep going?? My response was Uh… NOOOO!!! What was she thinking????

We had to tuck the camera away in our packs to keep it dry, so couldn’t get anymore pics until the rain abated. By then we were drowned rats, but enjoying the hell out of ourselves!!

Penny was pretty proud of the dirt she’d accumulated on the trail.

In fact, she displayed it like a badge of honor.

It was pretty cool as we were on the last leg of our ride. The sun was breaking out through the clouds and turning the evening into a beautiful display.

We were joking that if we were home sitting on the couch and it was raining outside that we’d never dream of jumping on the bikes and going for a ride. However, since we were already out on the trail, we stayed out when the storm hit and even kept peddling outbound, unlike normal people that would have turned around and headed for the vehicle. What can I say!! We had a lot of fun!!!

Since we biked all the way to Corwin and back, our total distance ended up being 30 miles. She wants to do it again tomorrow, my butt and legs are telling me otherwise!

Air Temp: 75F to 63F
Distance: 30 miles
Bottom Time: 2hr 15min (not counting our 30 minutes of stops)


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