Hill of Death

June 20, 2008

The Pics below are cropped, so here’s a link to them:

Most of the time when we get on the Lebanon-YMCA trail, we head for the Little Miami trail, which follows the old abandoned railway. Railway trails have nice easy slopes and are very flat. This has made up the bulk of our riding so far.

Tonight I opted to head the other way toward Lebanon. This trail is run along the side the existing hilly roads and cuts across various fields. Right after we transit across the industrial park, the hill immediately climbs quite steeply.

I’d told Penny prior to us arriving at the hill that we would each do the hill at our own pace and the person reaching the top first would just wait for the other. Penny normally uses higher gears than I do, since I like high RPM’s. Given that, I expected her to reach the top of the hill first. I can generate more power and greater speed than she can, but she has better endurance at her higher output levels than I do. My quads seem to blow out faster under the intense burn…. part of it may be mental.

I’d done this hill once before on an evening when Penny couldn’t go and had to stop 3 times up the hill to catch my breath. Tonight was no different. While we had some gear shifting issues, I still needed to stop 3 times, although recovery was faster. Part of it may have been psychological since I knew that Penny was on my heels most of the climb. At my last stop, I needed more time than she did to recover, so she cleanly beat me to the summit. Fortunately, the rest of the trail is relatively flat.

Here’s a pic right after summiting.

Yes… I’m wearing a DecoStop Forum T-shirt!

We continued down the trail a little ways after the summit until we arrived at a sign indicating a steep decline. While the decline sounded fun, I wasn’t ready for another climb back out to get to the vehicle, so we turned the ride.

On the way back, Pue had the camera.

…and I wondered if she was coming….

We rode past our vehicle, parked at the 1 mile mark on the Lebanon trail, and rode to the end of the trail where it meets the Little Miami Scenic Trail and snapped a few more pics.

I was on tilt after the hill.

…but got myself straightened out a bit…

Pue’s comment was “We’re going back now?” Well.. we did have quite a bit of energy left, but I knew we were going to try a longer ride tomorrow, so didn’t want to over do it tonight.

Gorgeous night for a ride and some pics!

Air Temp 77F
Distance 7 miles
Bottom Time 45 minutes

One of these days, I hope to get up the Hill of Death in one continuous climb… until then.. .it still has my number!!!


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