Another night and new sights!

June 18, 2008

After taking Tuesday night off for rest and dental appointments, Penny and I decided to hit the trail again for some riding on a nice cool evening. I opted for a sleeveless shirt, which proved to be a bit chilly until I got the blood pumping.

I wanted to try something different, so we went down toward the southern end of the trail to our furthest ride down this direction. This put us in at Fosters where the trail meets the old 3-C Highway (Cincy, Columbus, Cleveland). This starting point is about an 8 mile drive from our home, rather than the usual 3 miles, but it was worth it to keep things new.

Once on our bikes, we set off for Loveland. With the umbrella coverage of the trees, it was rather cool without the 7pm sun shining down, however, we started off at a good pace and I quickly warmed up.

Before we knew it, we’d arrived at the outer edges of Loveland, about 4 miles from our start. While it’s not a large town, it has a great deal of traffic, seemingly from being a residential area and could perhaps even be considered a bedroom community in the Great Cincinnati area.

Crossing some of the streets that intersected the trails seemed a bit like a scene from an Indiana Jones movie…. timing was everything!!

After crossing through town, we decided to continue on down toward Miamiville. One of my milestones for the evening was to see if we could cross under I275, a beltway around most of Cincy. Before we reached it, it felt like I had a brake rubbing, so I spent about 10 minutes making some tweaks that I was very happy with. Unfortunately, that put us at our drop-dead turn-around time I’d set for us.

We turned the ride and headed back for our starting point. I guess we were feeling a bit froggy, cause we upped the pace a bit. In fact, Pue knew that I liked to take it easy on the outbound leg, and crank it up a little on the return leg. She also discovered the benefits of drafting, so while I set a more uptempo pace than we’ve used thus far, she took her spot in the cat bird seat and I could hear her cooing.

I gave my quads a pretty good burn, but also felt the beginnings of strain in my knees, so I ratcheted down a gear and upped the RPM’s to work more on cardio.

All in All… a great night for riding!!

Air Temp 75F
Distance 13.12 miles
Bottom Time 80 minutes
Ave Speed 9.85 mph

So far this week, we’ve logged 42 miles on the trails, and it’s starting to feel real good!


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