A Sunday Evening Ride June 15th

June 15, 2008

After being out of town last week doing training, I was happy to get back home Friday night, and back to some bike riding. Saturday was “catch-up” on chores and errands, and other plans/commitments we had. That left Sunday morning to begin some maintenance on the bikes, change a flat tire, and try to add a bike computer.

After the flat tire the previous weekend, as well as a pedal that came unscrewed, figured we better get some proper bike tools and spare bits. One of the items I added was a tire pump. Hopefully I won’t need it, and it’s allot lighter than the AL14 I use for tire inflation in the garage. LOL

On Sunday evening, we packed up for a ride. All decked out in our gloves, helmets, camelback backpacks and bike shorts, we headed down the YMCA trail from the industrial park to the Little Miami trail and then headed toward South Lebanon.

The bike computer was pretty cool with all the data it was giving out…. well… for all of a mile… when it started acting up and I tried to make small adjustments to the sensor and pickup. After a few minutes I said $%^% it and we focused on the nice ride and chatting.

We weren’t sure what we would be up to, but we were feeling pretty good after we got past South Lebanon and kept heading down the trail. Before we knew it, we were in Morrow. As we entered town, we past a canoe livery and made a mental note of it, and stopped at the park across the trail from it. There was a nice little flyer about an ice cream shoppe in town, so we continued on into town and found it. After enjoying a scoop, and some time off the seat of the bike, we decided to keep heading down the trail.

There’s some really cool picturesque moments as the trail winds along the river and the bridges that cross tributaries. So much so, that we continued on a couple of miles past Morrow until we reached another canoe livery and rental vacation cabins. At this point, it seemed prudent to turn around. We were still feeling very strong, but we were WAY past any distances we’d done together before. As I told Penny later, it’s always better to turn around while you’re still feeling good!!!

We stayed in the seat until we got all the way back to South Lebanon where I suggested we stop and move around a bit. It was a nice opportunity to realign some bits that had been squished and straighten some backpacks and socks. I even took a couple of minutes to kneed Penny’s neck for a few before we jumped back on the bikes.

We didn’t set any land speed records, but it was a great relaxing 3 hour adventure that covered just a smidgen under 20 miles.

Air Temp 82F
Distance 19.7 miles
Bottom Time 2hrs 50min

I started using the “MapMyRide” website to record our riding, keeping track of routes and calculating mileage. Pretty cool stuff!


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