Our Second Day of Cycling Together in June

June 2, 2008

After our initial trail expedition yesterday, Penny and I initially thought we’d just tool around the neighborhood tonight…. but instead…. seeing as how the bike rack needs a bit of a workout, we decided to pack up the bikes and hit the trail again. This time, we headed over to the industrial park where the Lebanon-YMCA trails intersect. We figured if we parked inside one of the company parking lots, we could take this trail the 1 mile back to the Little Miami trail and head for Foster instead of toward South Lebanon like we did yesterday.

With the exception of the 2 mile section between the Kings Mills Powder Plant and Fosters, this was mostly the same we’d done Sunday. We were just hitting it from a different start location.

Nothing leisurely tonight…. we ended up doing an hour ride and 8 miles…. my butt complained and thumbed the “ride”. I’d picked up a couple of different seat pads today that helped, and we swapped them about 1/2 way which I liked… not sure if Penny did.

More than I’d figured we’d do, but it was nice to get out and ride!

Air Temp: 83F Sunny
Wind Speed: about nil
Bottom Time: 60 minutes
Approx Distance: 8 miles

Here’s a couple of pics from my phone of us getting ready to unload bikes:

When we got back home, we did some maintenance checks and adjustments. Seems that the bike I was riding had been assembled with the front wheel forks backwards… which made the balance a bit odd and explained why the front brakes didn’t grab real well!!! I guess I need to pack better lunches for my bike assembler!! D’oh!


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